The Importance of Safe Sex in Swinging

Date 20th Nov 2015 | Views  686

Swinging is a hell of a lot of fun, and sometimes we get so caught up in the moment that the little things can be forgotten, like safe sex. Most of us have safe sex as a priority in our minds, so even when things get really hot and steamy, we can pause the action to get that all important and ondom where it needs to be so that we can carry on the fun without worrying about unexpected surprises at a later date.

For some, however, there is something naughty about going bareback. They love the thrill it gives them, and feel as though it is totally okay to do this because they trust the people they are sleeping with. They have said that they are clean and are regularly checked, so they take a chance to enjoy some passionate sex. Well, here on Swingers we take a look at why safe sex is so important when it comes to swinging and give you the statistics you need to know to help stay safe when having some of the best sex of your life.

Get tested regularly...

Getting tested for STIs and STDs regularly is hugely important. It means that, if you have caught something, you can catch it earlier and that makes it easier to deal with, but it also means that you feel safe in the knowledge that you are clean and healthy.

It helps to put your mind at ease when you are worrying, but some people don't like going to get tested. They feel embarrassed about it as some of the tests can get quite personal, and that is something they really don't want.

Whenever anyone says to me that they are nervous about getting tested I point out that, unless they get tested, they don't know if they are clean. They could have an STI or an STD they don't know about (considering chlamydia and gonorrhoea usually don't show symptoms) and so risk passing it on to someone else. Also, if you are adult enough to have sex, you are adult enough to get yourself tested.

It isn't just your health you should be concerned about. If you have an undiagnosed STI or STD, you are putting everyone else you sleep with at risk. It sounds very dramatic, but it is true, and the last thing you want to give them is a nasty surprise.

...but don't rely only on tests

There are only really two ways to stay safe from STIs and STDs, and considering the first option is abstinence, we imagine more people will want to use condoms.

However, sometimes we might have someone showing us their clean bill of health certificate to prove that, at the time of testing, they were clean of any surprises that could make bareback sex into something a lot less fun and a lot more problematic.

You shouldn't be relying on the tests at this point to tell you if someone is clean. As we've said earlier, the tests only prove that, when they were tested, they were clean of any STIs or STDs. Some STIs and STDs take a while to develop, and so they might be missed on a test.

Condoms are the only thing we have to stop sexually transmitted infections and diseases, other than abstinence, and considering how much we all love sex and hate the idea of not having it, surely condoms are the better option for us all?

Six degrees of separation

You might think that the number of sexual partners you have had is pretty low, but that doesn't mean you aren't at risk of catching an STI or an STD, because it isn't just about you. It is also about your previous sexual partners.

The number of indirect sexual partners you've had also puts your risk of catching something way up, so while you might be careful with your partners, the people you are sleeping with or the people they have slept with might not have been as careful as you were.

A good way of seeing roughly how many indirect sexual partners you might have had is by using the Sex Degrees of Separation tool. The aim of it is to show you just how many indirect sexual partners you have had, based purely on the number of men and women you have slept with.

You might start it thinking it is just a bit of fun, but once you hit "calculate" you will see why it is so important to wear a condom. The calculator works by seeing "how many people your partners are likely to have slept with before you" and then works out their partners, and then their partners' partners "for just six degrees". Most people don't get a number below a million, which gives you an idea of the risks you are taking when you don't wear a condom.

A huge range of condoms

Okay, so condoms can't stop every single STI, as you are still at risk from catching herpes or genital warts, but they are much better than the alternative.

However, a lot of people don't like the hassle they have to go through with condoms. They want to just get down to business without having to lube up and slide a condom on just when things were starting to get fun.

Some say that condoms can lessen the sensations you feel, but there are a huge range of condoms out there to try. Whether you want to give her more pleasure by wearing one with ribs and dots on it, or you want one that is extra thin to make it seem as though there is nothing there at all, you can easily find the right condom for you. In fact, a lot of companies do a "mystery box" where you get a set number of different condoms to try out. If you don't like some, you don't have to use them again.

They say that it is better to be safe than sorry, and this is definitely true when it comes to swinging. Keep the cock wrapped up and, if you aren't sure, get yourself tested. Whether you go to see your doctor, pop into the local clinic, or you order a home test, you can set your mind at ease. If the worst does happen, let your previous partners know as soon as possible so that they can get themselves checked too. You might not need to do that, though, if you keep it safe.