The Joy of Dogging

Date 23rd Jul 2015 | Views  993

Here at, it isn't just swingers we cater for. We have a huge dogging community on our site, all of whom love what they do and come here because it is a place where they can get acceptance, and also tips on where to meet.

However, dogging really isn't one of those things that everyone understands. I was speaking to one of my swinger friends, and they admitted that they had no idea why doggers did what they did.

Well, I have to admit, I have never been dogging myself, but I have many friends who do it regularly, so I was able to fill him in as to what made things so exciting in that world.

Very Naughty

There is something really naughty about dogging. From the moment you pull into that dark car park, you know something exciting is going to happen.

Very shortly, you have other doggers will start circling the car, waiting for your approval to get involved.

The dark makes things even more exciting. These fellow lovers will start to put their hands through the car window to pleasure you or your partner, if you have one. You may not be able to see their faces, but you will feel them.

You don't have to stay in the car though. You can get out and feel the fresh air against your naked body. Others will get involved, and you are unlikely to care who it is. All you feel is pleasure. This is a place where you can let all those inhibitions go. All you do is give in to your most basic desires.

You can also go on as long as you want. When you have a singular partner at a swingers party, you can go as long as they can. However, in the dogging world, once you have finished one encounter, you can go right on to the next person who may just be a few metres away.

A Real Difference

This is quite different to swinging, where, usually, it is much more structured. You can often go out to a swingers party and get no action whatsoever. That is understandable, and just a part of the culture. Doggers, on the other hand, just let loose.

So there you have it. This is why dogging is so much fun. Do you fancy it? Just have a chat to the people on the forum and I'm sure you could be starting that adventure very soon.