The Montreal Swinging Festival Controversy

Date 1st Aug 2014 | Views  968

A swingers festival in Montreal Canada has caused major controversy, with town officials questioning its legality.

The event will take place at the Adam & Eve nudist camp in Sainte-Brigitte-des-Saults and will run from August 7th-12.

Advertisements for the meet say the event is for "liberated" adults who want to engage in outdoor sex.

"It will be possible to practice swinging in campers, on campgrounds and along trails," campsite owner Gilles Chantal told QMI Agency.

"On the other hand (swinging) can't be done in public places like the restaurant, the bar and the swimming pool."

Outdoor Love

One volunteer explains why he enjoys the event so much.

"After working all week, when people have paid off their debts, they come here, they go into the woods and they do what they have to do."

However town mayor Jean-Guy Hebert says he was surprised to hear about the event, and to be fair, he doesn't sound to impressed with it.

"Our council will definitely meet with provincial police after the holidays to see if there's a way to regulate these activities with a bylaw," said Hebert. "We'll seek the advice of our legal advisers."

Swinging was made legal by the Supreme Court of Canada in 2005, but Robert La Haye who has brought the case to the high court says the even must be governed by specific rules.

"The activities must take place between consenting adults and away from people who could be disturbed,"

However, it is interesting to note that police haven't received any complaints regarding the event.

No Real Harm

This seems like an unwarranted arrack on swinging in Montreal. These swingers are not doing any harm, yet the powers seem to want to make things as difficult for them as possible.

However, the fact that no-one is complaining is telling. The vast majority of the population don't have any problems with swinging at all, even if they don't fancy doing it themselves.

Sometimes the government and the legal profession should stick well clear of things, and concentrate on things that really damage society.