The Oldest Swingers In Town!

Date 28th Jul 2014 | Views  1043

An retirement complex in Florida has come to worldwide attention after it emerged it played home to swingers party's that cater for the people who reside there.

'The Villages' is home to 100,000 people, and was recently in the news when two residents were caught having outdoor sex in the complex.

A State of Undress

Peggy Klemm, 68, and 49-year-old David Bobilya were spotted in a state of undress, having sex against a Bait Shack hut. They were subsequently arrested and charged.

It seems, on top of that, there is a thriving swingers scene for the married couples who call 'The Villages' home.

A barman said he was paid $100 for three hours work at a swingers party in a private residence. He stated.

'Two of the men approached me and asked if I'd be interested bar tending. They told me there'd be things going on I might not want to see.

'Trust me, having worked the party before things got too hot and heavy, there are things I am trying to forget already.

'There were 10 people, all in their late 50s to mid 60s, and by the time I left they didn't need any more drink. There was a full-blown orgy going on.

'I'm open-minded but I made it clear I wasn't on the menu. I didn't want anyone touching me. Working at the Villages is a real eye opener. As a barman I get old women coming on to me all the time. Some of them know no shame.'

Plans To Emigrate

Reading further into the place, women outnumber men by 10 to1, and there is a black market in viagra.

I have to say, I have worked out where I am going to be spending my autumn years. I love partying with the Irish swingers, and I know that it is open, and popular with swingers of all ages. But there does seem something incredibly cool about sitting in the Florida sun, and meeting new people in America.