The Sexiest Swinging Village Ever!

Date 25th Jun 2015 | Views  1000

Here at Swingers,ie, we have always been well aware that some some local communities are not really the most liberal thinking areas. The amount of times that we have to hear about swingers clubs being threatened with closure or dogging sites getting patrolled by the police more than the Berlin Wall was, is actually quite disconcerting. However, it seems that one village in England is worthy of the title of most liberal area in the country.

Heaven is a Place on Earth

Setchey, in East Anglia isn't very big, but within its borders, you will find a giant beer warehouse, a swingers and fetish club, and possibly a new sex shop!

'The Annex' runs this top quality sex club, where you will find three playrooms and a modern dungeon, which caters for swingers and those who are into kinky sex. They also have regular offers for singles and couples, and the place is apparently very popular.

Now, on the back of their rather successful business, they want to open a sex shop, which will sell naughty lovers a variety of sex toys.

Well, this may be an incredibly liberal village, but it seems that not everyone is on board with the sexy goings on. It seems that West Fnch Parish council chairman isn't too keen on the sex shop coming to town.

"I would not think that a sex shop is appropriate in a hamlet like Setch (a local name for Setchey)

"Hardwick industrial Estate is full of empty units which would be a more appropriate place than a residential area

"I am surprised that a sex shop would be appropriate in Setch"

A Major Surprise

Despite these reservations, businesswoman Victoria Seed has applied to West Norfolk council who will now decided whether Setch will continue to be the coolest village in the UK.

I have to say, I would love to see more areas in Ireland like this. It really is one of those 'feel good' stories'. I find the whole concept of a small little village in England being a haven for all these kinds of sex games hilarious.

Well, if ever I need to move house, then I think I know where I am going to be heading.

Setchey, we salute you!