The 'Silicone Valley Swingers' App!

Date 4th Feb 2015 | Views  966

We all know that technology has helped the swinging industry. We are able to find out about swingers clubs, and fellow swingers on the net, and that has improved our lives, no doubt. However, it really is taking it to a new level when the tech geeks in Silicone Valley have created an app which helps the computers wizz's get down and dirty at private Silicone Valley swingers parties.

A Clever System

"[It] allows you into the party itself, to choose the people that you're interested in, and if you choose and they choose, you get a notification," Fuller told CNN.

It certainly helps that there are so many smart asses in Silicone Valley, as Fuller is permanently getting tips on improving the app.

CNN's Laurie Segall, who interviewed Fuller, said in a recent Reddit AMA:

"Lots of engineers, a mobile developer who worked at a big Silicon Valley company, a lawyer - all types.

"What was interesting was the guy who started the bronze party (swingers event I attended) said a lot of startup people would come to events and then help him with his website and getting around ** filters."

What is a Tech Geek Swingers Party Like?

OK, I may be stereotyping, but I was wondering what happens at tech geek swinger party? I know what the I.T lads are like in the office. They are always just sat there chatting about stuff I don't understand, and sounding rather boring (I love them really). Will they actually have sex at these parties, or will they just chat about technological advancements in computing or whatever? However, much to my surprise, it is just like any other swingers party. At least according to a couple who use the app.

"Whereas you might go to a bar, pick up somebody and take them home for the evening if you're single, here it wouldn't be unheard of to do that even if you're married,' said the guy

He also said it's not just Fuller's apps he and his compatriots use to find like-minded people.

'We just heard from a threesome -- two women and a man -- who said "Oh, we heard about it on [anonymous posting site] Secret."'

Some Positive News

Well, I always like to see advancements in the swinging community. To be fair, this kind of story actually cheers me up. Every time swinging is in the press, it is usually a case of a swinging club being shut down, or someone having their life ruined for getting involved in the activity.

It does go to show that typical swingers are not 'sick degenerates', who get up to a vile, sordid activity. If the brightest of our society are swinging, then it just shows that it is for anyone who wants to add a bit of excitement into their lives.

Everyone here at sends a big thumbs up to those naughty geniuses in Silicon Valley. You truly are an inspiration to us all!