The Swingers Holiday

Date 11th Feb 2015 | Views  1278

It has to be said; Swinging is becoming more and more popular as the years go by. Maybe, as a society, we are becoming more liberal? Whatever the reason, swinging is now a recognised sexual practice. However, even I was shocked by this story.

A website has decided to start offering swingers holidays to exclusive destinations around the world for singles and couples who may be interested.

An English Based Company

The small team of experts behind the Surrey-based company are swingers or naturists themselves.

"I've worked in the travel industry for many years and have seen the demand for swingers' holidays continue to grow," said Dave Batley, the owner of Intimate Places. "We allow the freedom of openly talking about your lifestyle choices without any embarrassment."

You can't really say much fairer than that can you?

Destinations on offer include winter sun resorts such as 'Desire Resort and Spa' in Mexico, and the 'Spice Resort' In Lanzarote. These places would be great anyway, even if you weren't getting up to naughty swinging fun!

The company also offers cruises for adult couples, with both clothing-optional and swingers-only sailings, operating by private charter on ships. These ships can hold between 350 and 1800 couples.

That is a lot of swinging!

The voyages range from five to seven nights long and start from £1,500 per person based on a five-night cruise calling at San Juan, Puerto Rico, St Croix and St Marteen. Return flights are included as part of the package.

What a Good Idea!

I have to say, I think this is a brilliant idea. I know what it is like as a swinger going on what you would consider, a 'normal' holiday. Ever since me and my wife have become too old and boring for our kids to want to come along, we spend most of our time looking at other couples and wishing they were swingers. We end up hoping the holiday comes to an end, so we can go swinging when we get back.

A swingers holiday would be absolutely fantastic. As soon as we got there, we would know that everyone was on the same page as us. Sun, sea, sand and sex; how can life get much better than that?

Everyone here at would like to send a big thumbs up to Intimate Places (actually, that sounded rather rude) They really are helping to bring swinging into the mainstream. That is certainly a good thing!