The Westmeath Swingers Guide

Date 2nd Aug 2013 | Views  2482

There are all sorts of varieties of non-monogamy. There's swinging, of course, which usually (though not always) consists of an otherwise monogamous couple who enjoy group sex or partner-swapping together with other couples. There's polyamory, which is defined by the ability to have more than one stable, committed relationship at the same time, and often involves one person having long-term or lifelong bonds with several others. Then there is the potentially most common 'open relationship' model, in which members of a couple have casual encounters with others separately, but don't get deeply involved with anyone but each other.

There are active and interesting communities of all of these people in Westmeath, and with a little effort , most of which can be done online, you'll be able to meet and get to know very many of them. How, though, can you make sure you're not treading on any toes or making any rookie mistakes? Thankfully, that isn't hard with the help of our helpful guide!

Talk to Your Partner Openly and Honestly

Swinging in Westmeath, and other forms of non-monogamy, simply cannot be ethical unless you've been open and honest with your partner about your intentions. Ideally, they'll be just as enthusiastic as you are, but at the very least, they need to be fully in the know, given their consent to what you'd like to do, and be willing to try something new themselves. If they change their mind, you need to respect that. Don't pressure them into doing anything they don't want to do, and remember that your relationship with them is far and away the most important thing.

Respect the People Around You

It's not just your own partner you need to have a great deal of time and respect for when looking into swinging. Anyone else you're hoping to involve needs care and attention from you as well. Make sure you don't seem like some kind of sexual predator as unsurprisingly, this doesn't go down brilliantly. Just be their friend, and only engage in activities that everyone is equally happy and enthusiastic about.

Follow the Local Community's Rules

Even if you don't completely understand why singles aren't allowed at a specific event or why someone won't let you take a photograph of them, you need to make sure you always abide by those rules. Don't ever try to 'test the boundaries' by, for example, getting someone to pretend to be your partner just to get into a club, or taking a photo of someone when they're not looking. There will always be reasons,usually pretty good ones,for such rules being in place. Nobody in the Westmeath swingers community is going to want to invite you back unless you seem like someone who will respect and fit in with the way they want to do things.

Always Use Barrier Protection

Simply because of the increased incidence of sexual contact, non-monogamous communities need to be even more careful than others to abide by safer sex practices. Always use condoms, dental dams and latex gloves, and always pay attention to health and hygiene concerns during play.

Make sure you read our guide to safer sex before you engage in any sexual activity in the Westmeath swinging scene.