Things To Remember When Starting to Swing

Date 16th May 2014 | Views  1154

As experienced Irish swingers, knows that becoming part of the swinging world can be quite a confusing time. Not many of us have friends who got us into swinging (me and my husband certainly didn't) so there isn't really anyone who can give you tips on how you should go about starting off down this wonderful road.

This is why we have put together a three point guide of things you should remember when you are starting to swing. We hope it comes in useful.

Here goes.

1) Make Sure Partner is Perfectly Comfortable

One of the main reasons relationships suffer when people start swinging is the fact that one person is more into it than the other. It is very rare that people think about it at the same time, so it will usually be one persons idea. This means there is a good chance that one may just be 'going with the flow', or even doing it just to please the other person

This isn't good enough, and will store up major problems for later on. Both partners need to be EQUALLY up for it, so make sure you discuss it thoroughly. If there is even a hint that your partner may not be on board 100%, go and do something else.

2) Don't Get Attached

Sex, for most people is an emotional thing, and the ultimate form of intimacy. This causes massive confusion for new swingers, as the whole dynamic is so different.

The amount of times I have heard of new swingers wanting to stay in contact with their new 'friend', or even asking to meet them separately from their partners is unreal. Sorry, folks, that is an affair, and swinging is very different to having an affair.

Remember, swinging is a purely sexual encounter. If you don't think you can make that separation, maybe it isn't for you.

3) Don't Get Jealous

There are certain people who shouldn't be swinging, and near the top of the list you will find jealous people.

For many people, it is OK for them to start having sex with other people, but if their partner is doing that sort of thing that, then that is well out of order.

If you can't stomach the idea of your partner with someone else, or have a bad reaction when after your partner has has sex with another person, then maybe you should consider doing something else to spice up your sex life?

In Conclusion

There are a number of things to think of before you start swinging, but if you are able to tick these things off the list, then you are well on the way to enjoying some exciting experiences.

Good luck!