Tips For Dogging!

Date 7th Jan 2016 | Views  798

I admit that I am a woman who enjoys vigorous sex. I've fucked in a lot of different positions, different locations and different scenarios! But if there was one thing that I haven't done in my sex life, yet, is dogging.

My first taste of exhibitionism

I've had a couple of close calls in my past time where I've started getting kinky and dirty in the open air. For example, a few years ago when I've had my first sexual encounter was with a guy back at sixth form college. We've talked a lot during the first semester and it was a couple of weeks later when he sent me a sexy text message. He took me to this large meadow where there was long grass everywhere, along with a couple of dog walkers wandering around the fields.

While we were sitting down on a soft patch, he started to kiss me and slowly slid his hand down my jeans. It was a bit sudden, but I wasn't complaining! It was all going great until a couple with a Dalmatian walked by and spotted us by surprised. All of the blood went away from my cheeks as I was completely abashed that we got caught, but after they left we just carried on kissing, touching and fingering!

It wasn't until a couple of years that have passed from that day that I realised that I am a flamboyant exhibitionist. I didn't want to get a speakerphone and shout it out to all of my friends and fuck buddies because exhibitionism isn't everyone's cup of tea. If exhibitionism isn't in everyone's interests, then there must be a small group of people who are into dogging!

What is dogging and how do I get started?

Dogging is the big step that's in front of exhibitionism, where a voyeur would catch you masturbating or having sex with another person and turns your session into a menage-a-trois (or more). This kind of sexual experience is not for the faint-hearted. The kind of people who get funky in public places are the ones who like to spice up their sex lives. They are the ones who love to feel the excitement, the stimulation and the intensity in their erogenous zones.

The kink is more of a random act of sex than a scheduled one, where you and a companion would go to a popular dogging area, start getting it on in public and let other people join in on the action. It's one of those kinds of sex sessions that makes you do anything in the heat of the moment. You can also go to these places on your own if you wanted to, but the logic behind dogging is that you go to the area and just get your freak on with anyone in the area! It's not mandatory to touch other people while dogging; you can just watch a couple fuck in front of you if that's what you'd prefer.

However, you can get a lot of mishaps and hassled in dogging when you're not aware of the safety procedures. This activity isn't the same as going on a helicopter and flying off to an oil rig where you need to wear your hi-viz jacket and a hard hat. But you still need to keep yourself street smart when you want to get kinky with a couple of acquaintances.

For those who like to be formal, you can search for a couple of websites that host forums for people who want to meet up with strangers in the back of a building or in a secluded car park. There are many sites (including ours) which are dedicated to people who get involved in dogging sessions.

You would find posts on forums talking about their sexual fantasies and how they would love to get humped into a hot sweaty mess with her partner on one side and a stranger on the other. If you find someone online who appeals to you, it's advised that you get to know each other before you go diving in the deep end. This way, you can get comfortable with the potential person who you want to meet up with, which would apply to women, men and couples.

Sex with someone who don't feel comfortable with doesn't feel right; I believe that all of the people who are reading this article would understand what I mean by that. Therefore, start chatting with the other person or couple who are interested in fucking you in a public space and see what kind of vibe you would get from them.

Make a plan and have a backup for it!

Once you get comfortable with the person who you want to ravage, then it's time to start setting up some arrangements. Now, if you're like me, I like to make some backup plans and then a backup plan for the initial backup plan – are you still with me so far? You let your dogging partner know your whereabouts and who you would be accompanied by. You should also tell a friend or someone you trust know about your location and what time you would get back home.

In addition to safety, you must bring condoms with you to protect yourself from any nasty diseases and unwanted pregnancy. To all the women who are reading this article, I would advise you to get a cervical cancer vaccination as vigorous sex like dogging can make you prone to the disease.

Before you go through all of these procedures, you need to make sure that you're both physically and mentally prepared for dogging. Many adventurous people who go into dogging are often stepping out of their comfort zones. It would be like going on holiday on your own for the first time, or having your first tequila shot in a bar you've never been in before.

When it comes to choosing your perfect dogging location, you have to be a bit careful where you want to do it. Obviously, you'd fuck in a public space because that's the whole point of dogging; you get dirty in the car park where you're bound to get caught and the person who'll see you would start to get his trousers off! But you can't get kinky in some public spaces like a school or a library. Come to think about it, fucking in a library while trying to keep quiet does get my pussy tingling a little bit…

Time to get dogging!

I'm digressing, but normally you would know the main dogging sites near where you live either on websites or by word of mouth. The dogging areas are usually semi-secret, where a lot of people wouldn't know about these kinds of places but a dogger would. They'd normally be places like a hilltop, a woodland or an abandoned car park; normally public areas where hardly anyone would go to.

so carrying on from preparing for your encounter and choosing a dogging district of your preference, it's time to let your sexy stranger know where you are! If you're travelling to your location by car, you should park in a spot that is visible to voyeurs. Flash your headlights like a lighthouse at sea and leave your interior car light on.

Once you see a horny voyeur approaching your car, roll down the windows so they would see your kinky business with another man or woman. If the voyeur likes what he or she is seeing, open the car door for them so they know that you're inviting them to a night of dogging pleasure.

Even though you'll be enticing sexual entrepreneurs to join you in the car, you shouldn't be driving around the spot and beeping your horn for all the voyeurs in the area, unless you want to receive some attention from the law enforcements. It's also advised to leave your car engine running in case the police do get onto your tail. Dogging isn't illegal but public indecent exposure is, so it's best to let your dogging partner know that you will leave immediately if the first sign of trouble is spotted.

Overall, the important thing to remember is to relax and enjoy yourself. For the men and women who'd be involved in your session, you should always treat them with respect and not show any aggression towards them. Just go with the flow!

Remember to clean up when you're done, too. If someone finds a used condom, dirty pants, or tissues filled with cum then the police will start clamping down the doggers like a bunch of party-poopers.

As I've mentioned before, dogging is not for the faint-hearted, but if the thought of getting involved in exhibitionism is making your curious, then there's nothing wrong in trying it out!