Troubled Blackpool Swingers Club Claims To Boost Local Economy!

Date 12th Sep 2014 | Views  1088

The owner swingers club in Blackpool which has been ordered to close down has has hit back at authorities by stating it has a hugely beneficial impact on the local economy.

Chris Maher has vowed to keep fighting for the survival of 'Blackpool Connections', which is located on Egerton Road, North Shore.

A Good Effect

His argument is that his swingers club, which caters 'for every sexuality and preference' is having a really positive impact on the local community.

"Cafes are being used, shops are being used, there's a knock-on effect.

"If I close down, it's not just me that suffers,the economy of Blackpool that will suffer."

Maher's appeal against the closing down order was rejected by the planning inspector last month, with the ruling stating that he didn't have permission to use the place as a swingers club. He now has four months to shut the doors.

Real Support

This may all sound a bit far fetched and an attempt to escape the inevitable destruction of his business, but it seems he has real support form his neighbours.

Norman Gillies, owner of the nearby Tuck In Cafe, said he was fully supportive of Mr Maher's fight to keep his business open.

Mr Gillies, said: "I suggested he should put the petition together.

"His customers come in on a Sunday morning and they will spend £20,it's not a lot but it's not a busy cafe and it goes a long way.

"They come in here, they are not rude, it's not a big deal for us.

"We live upstairs on the premises so we see what goes on and we have never heard anything from them.

"I certainly support his efforts to stay open, at the end of the day all you're going to have is an empty property."

Mr Maher adds "Because my neighbours have come out in support of me, I intend to put in another planning application.

"I'm not closing down."

Our Full Backing

Well everyone here at will back him in his quest to stay open. I hate it when politicians make a 'moral' decision and then hide behind the 'law'.

It really pisses me off pisses me off to be fair. Good luck to Mr Maher!