The UK Swingers Party with 700 People!

Date 23rd Jun 2016 | Views  612

Do you fancy making a trip across the water to England? Well, if you do, may I recommend you make a trip to the Forest of Dean, where 700 swingers from all over Europe are due to converge to engage in the biggest partner swap/orgy any of us have ever seen.

The three day, all ticket event has caused a great deal of anger among locals, with many complaining last year's get together event was a nightmare, with loud music, lewd banners, and 'numerous perverts' without tickets trying to break in and get their rocks off for free.

With 700 people expected, compared to 500 last year, resident fear the problems will be even worse.

Fun For Everyone

The annual festival, which began in July 2013, will feature live music and DJs, jelly wrestling, and plenty of other forms of adult fun.

New for 2016 is a photo grotto which allows up to 10 people in at once. One suspects that the photos you get in there won't be the same you find at your local booth down the Post Office.

The festival website says: "Your special set of SF16 branded piccies can be fun, or just plain naughty!!!

"Let your imagination run wild for that special memento to cherish."

It adds: "More indoor areas, more play zones, special surprise entertainment, hot tubs."

A three day-ticket for couples will cost £180, whilst it will be £150 for single men - who have to be vetted - and just £100 for women.

However, organisers have made it clear that it is NOT a nudist camp. Those who don't cover up their bottom halves in public will get launched, as will anyone caught shagging in the hot tubs.

Residents of the village of Flaxley have complained that they weren't consulted before this event was given planning permission.

Parish clerk Fiona Wallbank said: "I cannot speak for local people because last year the reaction was mixed, but I can confirm that we weren't consulted."

A spokesman said: "A Temporary Event Notice has been granted by the Licensing Department for an entertainment festival in the Westbury on Severn area."

The ticketing section of the festival website adds: "2016 will learn all the lessons from the previous events and set a new standard.

"It will provide a three day event, in the Gloucestershire countryside, offering far reaching magnificent views from a venue chosen for its tranquility and privacy.

"Our professional security team will further expand this year to include marshalling and pitch locations to ensure the site provides the very best facilities and organisation."


One of the locals was not that impressed with these guarantees.

"Unless you put up 15ft walls like the Glastonbury Festival you cannot guarantee privacy.

"I'm broad-minded but I do think it should either be kept behind closed doors. I don't like the way they do it without asking local people in the area.

"I know they don't allow nudity in public areas but tents aren't very private and I still don't think many people would be happy knowing what is going on in their doorstep."

A festival supporter described last year's coverage as "Victorian moralising" and said there were only two registered complaints from thousands of residents locally.

They said: "The online forums were awash with locals who were amazed how tidy the site was, no drugs, litter or drunkenness.

"Local pubs and businesses reporting a busy weekend of trade, and local council officers and local police not only pre approved but visited the site and confirmed all was totally in order."

Keep Calm and Swing On

I think this is the thing. The press love to whip people into a state of panic, but really, when it comes down to it, if the event is organised properly, very few people will complain. As long as people don't get up to get the milk in the morning, and find two people shagging on their lawn, who is really going to moan?

We hope everyone who attends has a fun, and safe time. I have to say, I am tempted to join you!