Vile Press Headline Over Gay Dogging

Date 12th Jun 2015 | Views  804

Here at, we have always been huge campaigners for doggers to treat the environment with respect. Yes, having outdoor sex with anonymous people is a lot of fun, it is disrespectful to other members of the public if you leave your condoms for them to stand on, or you do it at the time of day when families are going to start rocking up. The last thing we want is the great and the good getting our favourite dogging locations closed down. We know Ireland can be rather oppressive in its attitudes to people with alternative lifestyles.

Vile Headline

However, did you see the headline in the Sunday Mirror earlier this week. "Families outraged as doggers turn popular Cork picnic site into gay sex haunt leaving it littered with used condoms"

No, I couldn't agree any more with the fact that condoms shouldn't be left around nice areas. However, it could really be only the Irish press that makes it 'even worse' by going on about the area being known for 'gay sex'.

Now I'm not going to go on about the full story; it is the same kind of crap that we hear too much. Doggers find nice dogging site, idiot doggers bring attention to it by not cleaning up, press kicks off.' We see it all the time and the story doesn't need repeated.

But seriously, do we need to still, as a nation and a society, need to be this homophobic? Yes, I have empathy and I can understand why some people don't like dogging. They don't really understand how it works, and maybe the religious sorts don't think that is what sex should be about.

However, I have always thought there was a homophobic undercurrent to the anti-dogging lobby. Dogging has always been very popular with gay people, and with people who don't like gay people, this will be seen as an extra dirty level of gayness. They believe the old sterotype of homosexuals hanging around public toilets waiting for other 'puffs' to come in. In doing so, normal families can't use the bloody toilet.

Strange Attitudes

Now the vile Sunday Mirror headline could have just said 'doggers'. But no, they wanted to point out to their readers that deviant homosexuals were up to no good. Of course it would be worse to stand on the condom of a gay dogger than a straight one, yeah? If you take your family there and see a man and a woman at it, you can at least say they are straight, yes?

It really does piss me off, and this undercurrent of bigotry is the reason that doggers have to be so careful. There are people who, through their own prejudice want to stop dogging taking place. Therefore, if you do it wrong, you give them ammunition.

I found the whole thing really disconcerting. There are people who want to stop consenting adults having fun. Let us, as a community, refuse to give them ammunitions.

As doggers, we have so many enemies. Let us take the fight back to them. Our special power is invisibility.

Actually, have you ever thought of a super-hero called 'Doggerman'?

That really is for a completely different article.