Wexford Swingers: Know Your Consent Boundaries

Date 2nd Aug 2013 | Views  2404

Swinging is a popular pastime, mostly because it's so much fun. Most of the time it makes everyone's life seem a little more exciting. It can strengthen friendships and bring couples closer together, and it's a brilliant way of exploring new and exciting things. It can also test boundaries within the confines of a happy, stable, loving relationship. There's a bright and vibrant swinging community in Wexford and nearby areas, if you know where to look. If you're at all interested in exploring it, you'll find that it has a great deal to offer.

Like all things, though, there are concerns to bear in mind, and one of those concerns is consent. Wexford swingers and other non-monogamous communities need to be even more conscious and aware of consent boundaries than other groups, simply because they're likely to need to interact with many different people, more often. It's vital, then, that you consider the following points and make sure that everyone really is as happy as they ought to be. Everyone need to know their experience of the swinging community is going to be as safe, happy and enjoyable as possible.

Everything Has a Consent Boundary

It's not just overtly sexual activity or intercourse for which you need to observe consent boundaries. Consent should be paid attention to when touching someone in any way, like hugging, for example. Really is should be done with any form of flirting at all. All 'consent' means is 'does this person actively want this to happen?', and if they don't well, why would you want it to happen under those circumstances? Always strive to never make anyone feel uncomfortable about your interactions with them.

Seek Out Enthusiastic, Ongoing Consent

When it comes to activity that is in any way sexual, either overtly or covertly, consent is somebody saying yes. It certainly isn't just somebody not saying no. Make sure that the person you're flirting or playing with has enthusiastically, overtly and clearly consented to undertaking the activity, and that they've also consented to undertaking that activity with you. Failure to adhere to this will see you not only gain a terrible reputation in the Wexford swinging community, but could also get you into serious legal problems.

Consent can be Withdrawn at Any Time

There is simply no such thing as a 'point of no return'; a point past which the person loses their ability to withdraw their consent. No matter what's going on, any participant can legitimately change their minds at any point, and it's up to the other people involved to make sure those wishes and boundaries are immediately respected.

What to do if Someone's Consent has Been Violated

If you think that someone at the same party, club or event as you is having trouble, don't be afraid to quickly check in with them. Feel free to back them up if it turns out that you were right and someone was violating their consent. Remember If you were wrong, don't worry, just smile and say "cool, just checking" and leave them to it! Sometimes, you just need to make sure that the people involved check in with each other and have a chat. Other times, it might be necessary to get the host or security to ask someone to leave. If the consent violation was quite serious, there are places locally that the victimised party can go to for help, starting with the Gardai.

Swinging can be fun, but respect is the key. If you remember this, then years of fun could be ahead of you. For more tips on how to behave at any Wexford swinging meet, read our guide to swinging etiquette.