What Kind Of People Go Swinging?

Date 4th Jun 2016 | Views  616

People have sometimes similar desires, likes and dislikes, but there are times when they are attracted to other things than those around them. Unfortunately, not all are able to understand the differences between people all over the world and, especially when it comes to sexual desires and fetishes.

There are many sexual pleasures that satisfy a large number of people, while making others feel awful only thinking about them. For instance, there are some who have feet fetishes, and I am sure some of their friends can't understand how a person's feet can turn them on.

At the same time, people who can't get a foot fetish, might be into, let's say, golden showers. Well, you know what they say, "Different strokes, for different folks".

What Is Swinging

Swinging is one of the sexual behaviours that makes so many couples happy, while frightening others, whose ideas of love and sex are completely different. Now, swinging means swapping partners and you have to admit that this is not something usual, especially if you grew up in a traditional and conservative family.

I mean, there are people who don't believe in monogamy, but even some of those people prefer not knowing, or at least not seeing their partners having sex with others. Well, swingers want that. It is a recreational or social activity for them.

Just like some of you might not be able to understand how this type of behaviour can make people happy, swingers might not be able to see how a lifetime of having sex with one partner can make people happy.

But guess what? You don't even have to completely understand, but to accept. This is quite difficult for some since they imagine swingers as some weird creatures who live their life covered in sins. Well, actually swingers are regular people.

Your neighbour and his sweet housewife can be swingers! Even your sister and her husband can visit swinging clubs! Yes, I know these people are good old family people, with young kids. But why should that matter? Does your family know how you like having sex with your partner?

Who Goes Swinging?

Different people choose to swing as a lifestyle for a diversity of reasons. Many want to have more sex, more frequent, while others want variety when it comes to the partners they are sleeping with. Some feel excited seeing their partners satisfied by others and some are just curious.

Personally, I have a few friends who are into swinging. One of the couples is formed by a lawyer and a doctor. They love going to swinging clubs and they do that pretty often. They have two babies and they have been married for 20 years. Are they happy? They seem happy since they are always traveling, going out, hosting family and friends' dinners. Also, unlike many people who feel the need to hide their sexuality, these two are very open about it. No, they don't post things on Facebook, or check in into their favourite swinging club. But if you begin a conversation about sex, likes and dislikes, they have a strong, open opinion.

The other couple I know is not into swinging clubs. They prefer meeting with other couples which they find online. The lady is a web designer and he is University professor, teaching Forensic Science at a very well-known University in England.

Would you know they are swingers, if you saw them on the street? Of course not! It's not like they walk half naked trying to convince people to join their swinging cult! No! They are just regular people, who like having fun while having sex. I am pretty sure you have your own kinks, don't you?