What Should Your Swingers Profile Say?

Date 19th Aug 2016 | Views  554

It used to be that swinging was not just about what you know but who you know. You'd make friends with other swingers by visiting a known swinging club or by advertising in papers. Through your new swinging friends that you have made, you'd make more. You'd get to know the world of swinging a lot better through experience. However, this wasn't always the most discreet way of doing things. Now the internet has made things easier for you to meet others, especially if you set up a swingers profile.

Many websites online give you the chance to join up, creating your own swingers profile. This helps you meet others, but figuring out just what you want to say on your profile can be tough. People will include all sorts of different things on their profiles. So just what are you supposed to say?

We take you through some of the things that you should and shouldn't include, so that you can have the best swingers profile to help entice others into making contact.

A picture paints a thousand words

Pictures are extremely important on swingers profiles. They are one of the first things that people see and, as they say, a picture paints a thousand words. With a few pictures to look at, other swinging couples can decide if you turn them on and if they think you will have great chemistry together.

It is important to get good pictures on there. By good pictures, we don't mean ones that are erotic, sexy, or naked. We mean ones that are well shot. Selfies in the bathroom mirror aren't great, as the quality is usually poor and it is difficult to really see anything, unless you contort yourself into an unnatural angle. It is best to take the time with your partner to get good pictures of both of you.

Yes, both of you. Many swingers will avoid profiles where the majority of pictures are of the lady. They want to meet both of you, so make sure you have pictures of both of you. You don't have to pay for a professional to do it, but it is worth arranging a time with your partner to get those good pictures of you both.

Erotic and sexy pictures are good, but don't show too much. People want to see who you are and what your interests might be from looking at your picture. Showing your asshole or pussy doesn't do that. Besides, you want to save some of the fun for when you meet up!

You should also make sure your pictures are recent. Significant changes, other than a hair cut, warrant new pictures. You want to make sure that people know who they will be meeting, as things can change over time.

Don't state the obvious

On some profiles you will spot things that make you stop and think "why would you write that?". These are the things that are obvious to say, so when you are sitting down with your partner to write your swingers profile, take a moment to think if you really need to say what you are going to see.

Examples of things that you will usually see are: "no weirdos", "no drama", "no flakes", and "no rude people". These are all things that you would expect anyway, but writing them down on your profile suggests that you are a couple who likes to cause drama... definitely not a good thing!

You also need to be polite in your profile. You might have encountered people who do not fit your criteria, but plenty of people think that saying things like "everyone must be shaved, ew hairballs!" or "if you can't last longer than five minutes, don't bother". This will make people avoid you, even if they fit the criteria. There are better ways to say things like this, such as "we prefer every is clean shaven" or "we love meeting people with stamina". It puts a polite spin on things and makes sure you get your point across.

The devil is in the details

Details are important. Time wasters might simply look at the pictures, but those serious about swinging will want to take a look at the description you give of yourself and the information you can share about your style of swinging.

Start by making it easy for them to read. Don't just have one huge continuous paragraph. Instead, break it down into paragraphs or even bullet points if you think it works. Don't be tempted to use fancy text. It might look nice to you, but typing EVERYTHING IN CAPITALS or putting every second sentence in bold is going to waste your time and make it harder to read.

You also should collaborate with your partner about what you are going to say on your profile. Experienced swingers can usually tell which profiles have been written purely by the man and which have been written with both of you. Doing this will also give you the chance to talk about your interests and where your limits might be.

Make sure you are clear on each point you say. Not sure what to include? Try thinking about these points... How long have you been swinging, both as a couple and as individuals? Do you just want to socialise or are you hoping to swap? Soft or hard swinging? Are you interested in playing on a first date? Can you meet at short notice or do you need to plan in advance? Do you have some unusual rules you want to share, or even deal breakers?

Don't be afraid to talk about yourself. What is your body like? Yes, they have pictures, but a description can help a lot. You also want to stand out from others. Everyone is on the site to go swinging... so share something about you. Are you interested in fine dining? Is reading more your thing? Perhaps you love surfing or running? These things can help you create a great connection with others, and will help you set yourself apart from others on the site.

Got some other suggestions for things you think make good swingers profiles? Got a few things you are fed up of seeing? Share them!