Where can Limerick Swingers Try Out Dogging?

Date 29th Jul 2013 | Views  6620

Dogging is different to swinging; the rules are different, the etiquette is different, and by and large the participants are different. If you're experimenting with different ways of 'opening' your relationship, however, you might want to look into trying both, they each have different things to offer, after all. If you're interested in exploring Limerick's growing dogging scene but you aren't sure where to start, just read on, we have plenty of useful hints, tips and tricks for you here.

Finding Limerick Doggers

It's suggested that there might be as many as forty-odd dogging locations scattered around the county, but obviously some will be busier than others. The most popular Limerick dogging spots seem to be Lough Gur and the car park of the Parkway Shopping Centre, but do search online for the latest information, locations change weekly as doggers like to keep things fresh and discreet. Try getting in touch with someone online to double-check that there really will be people turning up to the location you've chosen on the night in question, and see if you can find out some identifying information about some of them, this way you'll know for sure that you're approaching the right group, even if things haven't quite started yet when you arrive.

Dogging Etiquette

Never put pressure on someone to do anything they've already indicated that they'd rather not do. Just because everyone is out dogging doesn't give them permission to violate each other's consent boundaries. Behave in a relatively subtle fashion, and don't do anything that will draw undue attention to the group you're with or its location nobody wants to be caught by a security guard, after all. Other than those two very important rules, anything goes, enjoy yourself. There are hours of fun to be had in the Limerick dogging world.

Dogging Safety

As with all things, it's important that you maintain your safety when dogging in Limerick. It's generally not a brilliant idea to go alone, take a partner, FWB or other companion with you if you can, as you're far likely to be better off that way than you might be by yourself. Even if there's nobody who you can take with you, make absolutely certain that at least one person knows where you're going to be and, ideally, what you're going to be doing.

Things to Remember About Dogging

Dogging is very different to swinging, and it thrives almost entirely on anonymity. If you're not entirely comfortable with that, and you'd rather have the option of becoming friends with your sexual partners, dogging isn't going to be for you stick to swinging instead, which is based almost entirely around friendships and can be a highly social activity. Dogging is exciting and creates its own unique kind of frisson, but it isn't for people who want to find themselves a new social circle, quite a lot of the time, standing around chatting and getting to know each other is actively discouraged by groups of doggers in Limerick.

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