Why Are Swingers Misunderstood?

Date 5th Feb 2016 | Views  655

I am sure you know what routine can do people. Not only does it bring boredom but if you don't do anything about it, you can even become depressed. And it doesn't matter if we are talking about going to the movie every Wednesday, going to the same coffee shop every morning, or sleeping with the same person for a long period of time.

Before judging my words, read carefully. I strongly believe that people are such complex beings that they are able to surprise each other even when they shared the same house for many years.

Therefore, I am far from stating that you cannot live your whole life with the same persons because you get bored of them. Actually, I am sure that if you are with the right one, you will always have something to do or to discuss with each other. However, having sex with the same partner for 20 years is like eating the same meal with your partner for 20 years.

This is something many people understood. So, because they want to spend the rest of their life with the same person, they decided to spice things up. Since cheating is betrayal and could destroy the relationship they built and monogamy is out of the question, swinging remains the only solution.

It's Time to Open Your Mind, It's Good for Your Soul

There are many ways to think about swinging. You can be against it, you can be interested in joining the swingers' community or just not aware of anything related to this non-monogamous behavior. Well, in case you are a newbie, here is some interesting info about swinging. Oh, wait! You better open your mind first!

Also known as wife swapping or partner swapping, this behavior involves people in a committed relationship engaging in sexual relationships with others, to spice up their life or just for…fun!

Do you remember the hippie era? Well, you must know all about the sexual revolution in 1960 even though you weren't born back then. There are too many movies about it, not to be aware of their lifestyle.

Well, it seems that this is when swinging began. Now, don't get me wrong, people had non-monogamous behaviors since forever, but let's blame the hippies for our promiscuity!

Now, you might ask yourself…is anyone being hurt because of this behavior? As stated above, swingers don't cheat. This means that everything is done with both partners' consents! So no, nobody gets hurt!

You might say that this is something crazy like a threesome for his 35th birthday. Well, actually swinging is not a one-time thing. It is a way of living. Yes, there are clubs and parties for swingers. People go to events and meetings specially created for those who want to swap partners.

And the fact that they made a lifestyle out of this is the reason why they are misunderstood by the rest of people.

Can we blame them? Well, not really! Seen from the outside, swinging is a bit dangerous for a regular, old-fashioned community, where being faithful to one partner and raising kids properly is the main purpose of living.

So, one questionable thing about swingers is ...going to the swapping clubs. The rest of people ask themselves if this is really necessary. It also freaks them out that what used to be something secret, it is now considered "cool".

People worry that raised up in a society where"swinging" is advertised as fashionable, their children might lose their desire to be faithful to one partner. And what would happen to their grandchildren if raised by swingers? That is understandable, but isn't this many people's worries when it comes to homosexuality?

In addition, why aren't swingers worried about getting and, more important for the community, spreading STDs? Of course, a simple argument can beat this issue: people sleep with other people even if they are not married and swingers. You just have to be single and use Tinder.

So, are swingers an issue for those around them, for their community? Or these are just arguments brought to cover people's inability to understand what goes beyond their beliefs and beyond they way they had been educated?

Now, Can You See Beyond Your Own Beliefs?

Seeing beyond the principles you grew up with is difficult, especially if you are usually surrounded by people who share your beliefs. And you normally are. So, instead of understanding swingers' choices, many have their own opinion, based not on the others' reason but on their own ideas.

Well, as stated above people have their own reasons for choosing this type of lifestyle. Some really love each other and don't want boredom to ruin their relationship, others love sex and want to have it more frequent than they already do. Others are just curious, and many just see swinging as a way to socialize.

Is this lifestyle healthy? Well, it works for them, doesn't it? Of course, this doesn't mean it will work for you, but it could. It depends on you and on your partner and on how comfortable you are in this position.

Promiscuity, Morality, Humanity

Yes, many of you consider swinging, as well as one night stands (especially for women) promiscuous. Well, guess what? Human beings have the tendency to be promiscuous since the existence of the hunter-gatherer ancestors, so where's the issue?

Well, yes there will be people arguing and saying we should not take part in swinging activities for moral reasons. But, is it still immoral when it's something both people want? Where is "the bad" when swinging is "good" for both partners involved?

I understand that the moralists say "monogamy is good", but so is "sex after getting married" for some, isn't it?

Now humans have their own social, as well as personal reasons for their sex-related actions. Who are we to judge somebody's choices, when they are not negatively affecting other people?

Why are swingers misunderstood? Well, they are considered a bad influence for all old-fashioned people, their children, and the community they live in. As I said, they spend time in licentious places, acting immorally and also promoting a questionable behavior.

But are they immoral, or they just have different beliefs that make them enjoy life in a manner not all people understand? What do you think?