Why do some people prefer dogging to swinging?

Date 29th Jan 2016 | Views  740

Whether you're fucking a couple, two couples or a massive group of people in one room, everyone gets some satisfaction after a sex session. Everyone has their preferences.

Some people like to get kinky with another person or couple who they would have already got acquainted with, whereas others would enjoy the thrill of going to a dogging site and get a little frisky with a bunch of strangers. It depends on the person. For those who enjoy the thrill of swinging, it would be interesting for you horny guys and girls to know what the excitement is behind dogging.

What's so exhilarating about dogging?

If you're not sure what the difference is between swinging and dogging, swinging is when couples get acquainted together and swap partners in their homes, hotels and swingers clubs. Dogging is when you catch a person or a couple going at it in a 'designated' dogging area.

Technically, you're not meant to know where a dogging area would be unless you already know by word of mouth. If you were to give the world of dogging an analogy, it would be a secretive, underground business, but a sexy, secretive underground business! I say the word 'business' in a very light-hearted manner.

Have you ever experienced a moment in your life where you've seen a hot girl from the house across yours started getting naked right in front of your eyes? She didn't realise that she left the curtains open, which gave you the perfect opportunity to watch her slip off her t-shirt and underwear, right up to the point when you're cumming after seeing her gorgeous tits. That sounded like a scene from 'The Girl Next Door' movie but without the orgasmic satisfaction at the end.

Imagine watching a sexy girl undressing and touching herself in an area where she wanted you to watch her finger herself...Yes, dogging is considered to be a taboo, but that's what makes the fetish so hot for a lot of people. Many people get their adrenaline pumping by doing something naughty, like going to a parking lot and watch two people fucking in the back seat of their cars.

Everything that happens in a dogging session is unexpected. You might wander into a local nature park and see two people humping each other against a tree, or go to a hidden street at the back of town and find a woman masturbating behind a building. What's great about it is that you are free to do whatever you want.

Obviously, there has to be consent and contraception involved, but the doggers would normally use a range of simple signals to let other people know what they're up to and attract them to their spot. Furthermore, you don't have to engage in sex if you don't want to. You can do something as simple as watching a couple touching each other as you touch yourself; the atmosphere would be very relaxing for you to be in.

The different atmosphere between swinging and dogging

I think the subtlety and elusiveness of dogging are what made people want to get involved in dogging. If I were to ask a bunch of dogging experts why they enjoy doing the kink so much, they would say that it makes you feel like you're walking along the edge. The idea of getting caught at any moment while dogging is enough to get some panties wet!

So, it's understandable why some guys wouldn't get turned on at the thought of swinging as much as dogging. Swinging can sometimes feel like you're restricted to do certain things with another partner in question. If you and your partner have got acquainted with another couple and you had to set some boundaries, there are many guys who would feel that their fun has been watered down.

You probably have heard of many stories where a couple have ended their relationship or filed for a divorce because one spouse, or both of them, have broken an agreement that they have made when they've started wife-swapping. One person may have gone to see the other partner without letting his wife or husband know beforehand, or another person committed something that was forbidden in the agreement.

In addition, swinging isn't as voyeuristic as dogging. Some people get more excited over a vast number of eyes watching them than just a couple of eyes staring at them at the corner of a hotel room. There are people who do cream over the thought of committing acts that are considered as a taboo and swinging doesn't have that forbidden element to the kink like dogging does.

It's not just the people who you would engage sex with, it's the location that you'd fuck in. Now, I like fucking in front of mirrors and any expert on the fetish would know that voyeurism and exhibitionism go hand in hand in dogging. If you go to a hotel room and start fucking with the blinds open for the people staying in another hotel room across to watch, it would only be just that; no physical interaction.

Then again, everyone has their own preferences when it comes to sex, whether it would be licking the pussy of another man's wife or jacking off to another girl wanking right in front of you. However, it makes you wiser and smarter to know why some people would prefer to do one certain fetish but not the other.