Why Do Couples Enjoy Cuckolding?

Date 15th Apr 2016 | Views  656

Cuckolding is known for being a kinky ancient marriage practice, and one of the many fetishes people have nowadays. Though it has old origins, this practice has changed its meaning over the years.

What is very weird is the fact that even with its strong roots, and with the fact having a fetish is not something people are afraid to talk about anymore, cuckolding remains something strange that some couples enjoy while others are afraid to talk about.

What Is Cuckolding?

Now, many of you have no idea what I am talking about and this is understandable since cuckolding is not everybody's cup of tea. So what is it? Well, this practice involves a husband who feels an enormous sexual pleasure from watching his wife have sex with another man.

At the same time, the wife enjoys having sex with that man in front of her husband. Now, there are also some husbands who prefer not watching but listening to their wife talking about having sex with somebody else.

Even though some might believe otherwise, this is something usually male driven. Also, many of you might say that it is quite similar to swinging. However, in this case, only the wife gets to sleep with somebody else.

So, Why Do Couples Enjoy Cuckolding?

At first sight, this whole thing seems quite weird, but couples who do it are very happy with their lives. In the case of women, the joy comes not only from having the double pleasure, from both her husband and the new man, but also from being able to please her partner's deepest desire.

In the case of the man involved in cuckolding, things are a bit less obvious. But, it is not impossible to understand why men enjoy this practice. The fact that they are feeling like victims of this whole thing is a major element of their excitement. Well, I guess there are many of you who understand why a man wants to feel submissive to his lady, right?

In addition, there are men who get off on their partners' pleasure, when they have the image of their partners feeling good and climaxing. Also, the whole show is performed only for their own pleasure so; this is also an important reason for any man to enjoy cuckolding, isn't it?

Now, if you are thinking about doing this, you should know that while this fetish has fun aspects, it also involves some risks. Since there is a third person involved, jealousy or other negative feelings might appear. So, if you want to succeed in enjoying this fetish, you need to learn how to cope with those feelings. And the most important part of coping with negative emotion is being open to each other and talking about your desires and what you are willing to do for each other.

Does this Type of Relationship Last?

As mentioned before, many people are interested in cuckolding, but not all end up satisfying their desires. The reasons are very easy to guess. Most women don't understand why their partners want them to have sex with another person. At the same time, many men don't even dare to talk about this, being afraid their partners would leave them.

This doesn't mean there aren't people who happily love each other while enjoying cuckolding, once in a while or even embracing it as a lifestyle, without letting it evolve into something more than it is: a fun fetish.