Why Do people Like Voyeurism?

Date 1st Jan 2016 | Views  717

Have you ever walked by a room and you accidentally saw your roommate in her mesh bra and her cute, white pants before running off quickly to your room? If the sight of your roommate in her underwear gave you a bit of a thrill, you're probably a fan of voyeurism.

Voyeurism can be associated with fetishism, paraphilia and perversion, but it doesn't make you a bad person if you get excited by the sight of a sexy person loosening up her robe.

Understanding voyeurism

One thing you have to be aware of is that voyeurism is illegal, which is reasonable, of course. Think about it, you wouldn't like someone staring out of their window with a telescope to watch every little movement you make, wouldn't you? However, whatever seems bad in the public eye must be good in private, right?

I mean, there's one time I've returned back home from my study abroad to see a friend who I've had a casual relationship with. We were just hanging out in his room while we watched the first season of 'The Walking Dead' and he left the wardrobe door open to change his trousers. For a couple of seconds, I saw his sexy butt sticking out and I couldn't help but watch. I kept thinking "Ooh la la!" and "Can I pinch one of your firm ass cheeks, please?" That picture will never leave my mind now…

Anyway, this is the kind of thrill that many voyeurs receive when they see a gorgeous man or woman undressing. Speaking from my past experiences, it gives you the feeling that you get to see someone being themselves while remaining anonymous. If someone spots you watching them, they most likely will shut the curtains within a split second. If they continue to strip after they realise that they're being watched, then you've found an exhibitionist; but I will explain more about exhibitionism later.

Voyeurism overall isn't as inclusive as you may think. The paraphilia is basically watching nudity and sexual activity without physically participating in it. It can be performed in two contexts, where you either do it anonymously as I've mentioned before, you do it actively when one or more people allow you to watch them touch themselves or other people.

Another sex story of mine...

I was sexting another friend of mine before and he told me about his fantasy of me eating a redhead's pussy while he sits on a sofa and watches me lick her out. Many people who get into threesomes or the swinging lifestyle do this. Some guys would relate to this kind of scenario as a relationship that a voyeur and an exhibitionist would have.

If some of you have a bit of trouble differentiating the two pronouns, listen up. A voyeur is someone who likes to watch other people get dressed or having sex. An exhibitionist is someone who likes to expose their body to others as they undress or have sex. To me, these types of people are fitted so well together like two magnets.

However, as someone who takes consent and coercion seriously, it's important that you and the other person in question won't feel uncomfortable when getting into voyeurism and/or exhibitionism. It's the same relationship that a dominant and a submissive would have; there has to be a line that no one is allowed to cross. If the line draws at watching someone masturbate, then you have to accept it.

Furthermore, voyeurism is a kink but not a lifestyle. It will start to become a problem if you think watching someone in the nude is better than having sex. You'd be better off watching porn, instead!

Nonetheless, watching someone as their raw, naked self can be very exhilarating, especially when the person you're watching wants you to stare at her. If you want to try it out for the first time with your partner, it's best for you to take note of a few tips from here.

How to become a pro at voyeuring

Another true, erotic story of mine involves a hot, black-haired man, me and a couple of mirrors in my room. I remember that sex session as if it just happened yesterday! I was kneeling on my computer chair and my partner thrust his large cock inside me. While he was thrusting me, I noticed that he was looking into the mirror on his left. I knew that he liked the look of himself fucking me and the way I was enjoying it. A similar sex session happened again later, but at that time I was facing a long mirror and my partner was humping me from behind. I watched him through the mirror as he watched me through it too. I didn't know why I liked it, but it was a huge turn on.

So that's your first tip, ladies and gentlemen. Put some mirrors in front of you and around you so you can really grasp what it's like watching someone fuck.

For those who'd like to try out a scenario, you can always get into one of my favourite sexual activities: role-playing. Your partner can leave the bathroom door halfway open as she prefers herself for a hot, steamy shower. You can make your way up the stairs until you see her dropping her robes to the floor and enter into the shower. There's nothing sexier than watching someone rub themselves in shower gel slowly. For me, watching a man squirt or pour shower gel onto their chest makes my pants wet and my clit tingle.

Another thing that I've done is record myself while I'm getting fucked. I'm not going to go into elaborate detail about voyeurism but watching porn is also included in the hobby. Looking back on amateur videos that I've made and clips of my friend jerking off has always been a past time favourite. Why don't you give a camera a shot and let it record you experiencing erotic pleasure from your companion? Then when you look back on it, you'll realise how hot you look when you go crazy in the bedroom!

While we're on the subject of digital technology, you could be more experimental and try out web chatting sites such as 'Chatroulette' and 'Omegal'. You'd find plenty of people enjoying getting their cocks and pussies out and playing with them. But there is a website that is specifically used for getting dirty on camera called 'Chaturbate'. Personally, I would use Skype and I'm not open enough to wank online to strangers. When it comes to close, horny friends, then I'm always up for a little play..

For those who are into the lifestyle of swinging and swapping, listen up. You and your partner can dress up in the most revealing and glamorous outfits that you could find in your wardrobe and head out to your favourite swingers club, where you can watch your partner make out with another beautiful man or woman. In these clubs, it's acceptable for you to watch another couple get into the groove, or bring them back to your home and start touching each other in the bedroom.

You see? There are plenty of ways that you can get involved in voyeurism. Like I've mentioned before, you have to make sure that you and the people involved are comfortable with getting undressed and getting kinky with you and other people. If you follow these tips, you'll find that voyeurism will become a part of your 'special' hobbies!