Why Do Some People Prefer Soft Swinging?

Date 19th Feb 2016 | Views  649

If you are thinking about becoming part of the swingers' community you should first learn everything about this lifestyle. Because this is what swinging is: not a one-night thing, not a threesome for your birthday, but a way of living.

A question many people who think about a possible life as swingers have is: why some prefer soft swinging instead of going all in? Well, I can understand where this question comes from. Some people see swingers like couples who just have no boundaries or limits. That is far from being true. They are just people who choose a certain lifestyle, but also have rules and boundaries.

However, in order to understand better why some prefer soft swinging, you must know what this is and what it involves. Then, decide if this is your cup of tea, or you want to go with full swinging.

I Kissed another Girl and I Liked It

People choose to be swingers because it is fun; it allows them to embrace their sexuality and desires. It is a way of killing the boredom that might appear in a relationship. Also, just like all of us, swingers are against lying and cheating, believing that the only way their connection can survive is if it is based on honesty. Well, we can all agree to that. However, most people add monogamy to this equation.

Now, there are people who choose soft swinging and others who just enjoy a full swap. Before you say "I'm all in" remember that this is not Poker and you have to know what you are in for.

Soft swapping doesn't refer to female-female play though many of you kinky animals hoped this is what it is all about. No, soft swinging is swapping partner and involves kissing, touching your bodies, masturbating each other and even oral sex. The only part that is missing here is the actual penetration. That is the difference between soft and full swap.

We All Need Boundaries

Though many believe swingers have no boundaries and they just sleep around, this is far from being true. This is actually one of the reasons people go for soft swapping. They like the idea of flirting and playing with other people, and they enjoy seeing their partner do the same thing.

But, they cannot agree with the fact that they can be involved in actual sexual intercourse. So, if you are one of these people, soft swinging is the answer for you, too.

Now, don't imagine that full swap is something without rules. Many of the swingers who "go all in" have other things they say "no" to. For instance, there are swingers who completely agree with penetration, but consider kissing too intimate to do it with other people.

So, people choose soft swinging because they consider penetration something that goes beyond their limits. Now, before making a decision, you need to discuss the implications with your partner don't you?

Enjoy the Game, but Play It Safe!

As you probably know, there is nothing that can offer you full protection against STD's and no form of birth control that is 100% effective. So, protection is also a good reason why many people prefer soft swinging.

I know that most people who engage in swinging are not single and fooling around all the time. And this might that the chance of getting STD's is not as high as if you hook up in bars and pubs. However, many don't take like taking this risk. Condoms are a must when choosing full swapping, but there are some STD's that can trick even them.

As crucial as an STD is an unwanted pregnancy with the guy you slept with at a kinky swinging club. Now, I am not saying that there are many cases when women got pregnant in such a manner, but there are people who just want to play safe!
What If It Feels Better or…Bigger?

We can say that the best part of the full swap is of course…the sex. At the same time, soft wingers find this quite uncool. So, while they might be OK when their partners innocently play with others, things can drastically change when penetration interferes.

Oh, did you believe swingers don't experience jealousy? We are talking about a non-conventional way of living, but there are still human beings involved in this sexy game. So, of course they are jealous, too.

Now, it depends on what makes jealousy wake up. There are people who don't mind if they see their partners kiss other people. But they might not feel confident enough to watch them having sex. I mean…What if it feels better?

Whether You Choose Full or Soft Swinging, Communication Is the Key

As you can see people choose swinging as a lifestyle because they don't believe in monogamy, but they believe in love. They think cheating and lying are unhealthy for their relationship while embracing their sexual desires. However, just like any other lifestyle, swinging has boundaries.

Some prefer soft swinging because they just like the game. Flirting and playing with other people make them feel desired and bring passion back to them, but seeing their partners' having sex is too much. They find swinging fun, but full swapping feels too risky.

Whatever you think or feel about this lifestyle, you have to talk about it. Communication is the key to a happy relationship, no matter if we are referring to monogamy, full swapping or soft swinging.

There are many branches on a swinging tree, so you need to talk about your, as well as your partners' desires, needs and fantasies in order to figure out which branch you want to swing from.