Why Do We Love Swinging?

Date 15th Sep 2016 | Views  528

Swinging is one of the sexiest and kinkiest things that you can do with your partner when you want to explore your sexual side more. It gives you the chance to meet new people, get kinky, and learn more about the things that turn you on.

But what is it that attracts people to swinging and keeps them interested? We take a look at why we love being swingers and why this community is one of the best.


When it comes to sex, people tend to be pretty closed-minded. Sure, they might think that they have an open mind, but then they hear about some kinky things that turn them off and react with an "ew" and a screwed up face to show that they really hate the idea.

However, when you go swinging, this kind of reaction just doesn't happen. You get the chance to be part of a very open-minded community. The people in this community know that everyone has their own interests, and that not everyone shares them. This means that you get to explore those interests without being judged.

This freedom to explore is extremely attractive to us. We want the chance to get to know ourselves better and to try new things. Sometimes, the best way to do this is with others to guide us and offer their suggestions. No wonder it is so hard to resist swinging.

Better communication

In order to be successful at swinging, there are certain skills you need to have. One is communication. You need to be good at communicating in order to make sure everyone involved in your fun sex session understands what will happen, what the rules are, and what you are hoping to achieve from it. You also need to be able to tell your partner what you are and are not interested in.

If you fail to communicate well with your partner, you might end up in trouble. Some couples are totally fine with the idea of swinging, while others are okay with certain acts but don't want to see hot and passionate kisses. This is something you need to discuss with your partner beforehand.

Swingers tend to have better communication skills for this reason. We aren't afraid to talk about sex, so if there is something we want to try or something we need to say, we can. We can tell our partners exactly what we are looking for without feeling shy or ashamed about it, because the reason we swing is because we love pleasure... both our own and the pleasure of others.

Stronger relationships

The great communication skills you get from swinging nicely ties into the next point. Being a swinger gives you stronger relationships with others. The community that you are a part of is, as we have said early, very open-minded. This gives you the chance to talk about pretty much anything.

Because you can talk about whatever you want to and can tell them exactly what you feel they need to know, you'll find that you are closer. If you decide to host a swinging party, you might have a few people you instantly know you want to invite, because they are the type of people you want at the party.

You get to know other couples in a way that many couples can only dream of. You get closer, and this the breeds strong relationships.

Meet new people

The swinging community is huge, but very secretive. That is because people on the outside tend not to understand what it is really like. They make snap judgements instead of getting to know the people involved in it.

However, because the community is such a large one, it gives you the chance to meet new people and make new friends. You could head to a swingers club and get to know other couples personally, or you can use websites like ours to meet like-minded swingers sharing your interests.

The sheer number of people in the community is a huge part of the attraction for some people. It means that it is always exciting and new, and that you will never be bored. You can enjoy spending time with those that you have gotten to know well, or you could decide to meet up with new faces and see if you share your interests with them.

It is exciting and sexy!

Of course, the biggest reason that many of us love being swingers is that we get to enjoy sex in an exciting way. Swinging is still seen as a taboo, meaning that we have to be secretive about it. This is why so many swingers websites are private and you must sign up in order to see who uses the forums.

Because it is so secretive, it makes it kinkier, and so we want to do it even more. Ever seen a sign telling you that the paint is wet and immediately touched it to check? It is the same basic instinct with swinging. If someone tells us not to do something, we want to do it even more.

Swinging is sexy, and if that wasn't enough of a reason to try it, the fact that others always told us not to just made it even more appealing. Swingers are all rebels at heart, keen to show that being ina relationship doesn't mean you can't enjoy your sexuality with others.

Why do you love swinging?

There is no denying that swinging is sexy. It is a hell of a turn on for many of us, because we get to explore our sexuality with new and kinky people. Plus, it is a hell of a way to spice up your sex life!

These are just a few of the reasons that we love swinging, but you might have a few reasons of your own. What is the main appeal of swinging to you?

Let us know what you think. Is it the fact that you get to meet others, or do you simply love the kinkiness of it all?