Why Emotional Attachment During Swinging is a Bad Idea

Date 22nd Jan 2016 | Views  664

Do you believe that sex and love are different? It's quite a tricky subject to tackle, isn't it? To be honest, you'd never know who you'd end up falling in love with in the future. It's something that only Cupid could control with his bow and arrow.

However, there are times where feelings of infatuation are advised to stay off the table. You may realise that a particular emotional would have some devastating effects on your future plans. OK, devastating may be too harsh of a word to use in this article, but I would say that some emotions would give you some complications that you wouldn't want to face.

What happens when you let your feelings take the lead...

Now, guys, it's fun to go out to your favourite swingers bar and mingle with the other couples who want to take each others clothes off. It's a kink that a lot of people enjoy getting involved in. However, like a relationship between a dom and a sub, there are boundaries that have to be set.

There have been many cases where one person in a party starts to develop feelings for another person in the group, like a man getting underneath the bedsheets with another couple where he then begins to have feelings for the other lady in the mix.

It's heartbreaking for a person to know that his or her partner has fallen for another person who's already involved with another guy or girl. In fact, some of the stories that I've heard about remind me of the 2004 movie 'Closer' and the complete mess that those four people were in after developing both sexual and emotional feelings for each other.

For those who think that sex and love are connected, yes, it is true in a way. You'd enjoy sex a lot more with someone you love than with someone you don't love; that's why many people would enjoy fucking their girlfriends or their wives rather than someone who they've just met at a bar. People don't swing to find love, they swing to explore their sexuality or to fulfill a life-long fantasy.

I think it is safe to say that growing a sentimental feeling for another swinger is a common side-effect in wife-swapping. Normally, an emotional attachment would occur when you're swinging with the same couple constantly. A group of people would start to get to know each other and get accustomed to fucking each other on a daily basis.

I guess you can relate it to someone who you've fucked when you've first met each other and then begin to go out on coffee breaks and watch movies together to get to know each other a bit better. If it was just to two of you, then yes that's fine, but when it comes to swinging, there will always be at least a third person involved in the relationship.

Listen to your wife-swapping guardian angel...

One piece of advice that I would like to shout out is to make sure that your relationship with your current partner is so strong, that no beta, alpha or gamma ray would break your barriers. Many couples have stated that when one person starts to arrange encounters on their own, or without letting the other partner, problems start to occur.

That is why so many couples who swing with other couples have to set up an agreement. Furthermore, meeting other couples would be able to provide you with more experiences in swinging, which would let you know which couple you like and which one you don't. It's always good to spice things up in your swinging life!

Usually, I'm an open minded person who always looks at both sides of the story, but if I were to sound pragmatic here, a sexual relationship is easy to cut when you're not enjoying it. If you have met a couple who you didn't have a great time with, you can easily send them a text or a call to say:

'Look, you're a great couple. You're a handsome man and a sexy woman who know how to pleasure other people, but I don't think this wife-swapping relationship is going to work between us. I'm sorry.'

That kind of sounds like the old 'It's not you, it's me.' excuse that a lot of people would use to break up with someone!

However, a wife-swapping relationship can be harder to cut when you're starting to like a swinging partner more than you'd expect. The key things that you have to keep at the back of your mind when you're swinging are that your current relationship with your partner is strong, you always swing as a couple and experiment with other couples and not just one.

Nevertheless, we can never control our emotions; the heart wants what the heart wants. But at least, you know what to do when you know you start to produce feelings for another couple when you're swinging.