Why I Prefer Swinging To Dogging

Date 22nd Sep 2014 | Views  1225

As a man who has engaged in swinging for nearly 20 years, I have always had quite an open mind to sex. Just because someone engages in an activity that you don't do, doesn't make it weird or strange. However, there are sometimes pretty good reasons you don't do certain things!

Take a look at dogging. I have friends who do it and they are perfectly normal people. Still, I never engage in it as there is always too much scope for things to go very wrong indeed.

Police Activity

Well, as if to just prove my point, police in the English town of Lytham have have stared patrolling a well know dogging location after a concerned resident telephoned them to report what they thought was a serious sexual assault taking place.

Lytham councillor explained what was going on.

"The matter was reported to police but it now appears the area is being used for dogging, and advertised as such on the internet. It is close to two schools and is a popular walk for families. We don't want this sort of thing going on here at all."

Insp Mark Thackwray Scott said: "It has been reported to us and we're including the area in extra patrols.

"We did go to the scene and will continue to monitor any sites that are reported to us.
"We have had issues in the past on Fairhaven Lake car park and the sand dunes, but we have been patrolling the areas and speaking to people, and carrying out plain clothes patrols, and we have had no real issues to face this year."

Personal Choice

I think these are two of the reasons I have never been too keen on going dogging and have always preferred swinging. Firstly, when I go swinging, it is always indoors and with like-minded people. I always get the impression that dogging makes places no-go areas for member of the general public. Even worse, if they do end up in the same area as doggers, they will find themselves in for a nasty surprise.

Also, the last thing I need is to have the police turning up when I am going at it. That, of course would be acutely embarrassing.

Now obviously there are Irish doggers out there who will say that they engage in their sexual activity in secluded areas. Maybe dogging is better, as long as you get your location right? Because believe me, there is nothing sexy about upsetting members of the general public.

I have full respect for the dogging community, but I have to say, it will always be swinging for me. Dogging just seems so much hassle.

But as I always say, each to their own!