Why We Prefer Swinging to Seeing Escorts!

Date 13th Nov 2014 | Views  1320

I received another good email from someone this week. He actually wasn't a swinger, but had just come for a nose as to what we do here.

Well it seems our friend was a user of escorts. He was wondering why we chose to go down the swinging route when there are so many hot escorts knocking around on various websites? To him, the idea of going to a swingers party and maybe not finding anyone to have sex with seemed like a bit of a waste of time when there are girls aplenty at the end of a phone.

Well, that is an extremely interesting point. Why do we go through that whole ballache? Well, here is the answer.

Reasons to Swing

When you visit an escort, that is a personal selfish act where you get your fun and that's it. Your partner has no say in what you do, and also has no way of getting their equivalent sexual release.

Look at it this way , when someone sees an escort, do you think they go and tell their wife what they were doing? Of course not; it is a life of secrecy.

Now if you are single that isn't a problem. Still, when you are in a relationship, a lot of us on here are not wanting to be having sex with someone else whilst our partners are at home cooking dinner or looking after our children.

This is why we prefer swinging. At one point near the start we discussed with our partners the idea of meeting other people for sex. We both decided we wanted to do it, and we became swingers. It was something we could both enjoy.

Swinging kept the trust in our relationships. We knew that it if both partners could meet other swingers, then no-one would be cheating elsewhere as there would be no need.

Full Consent

Also, when it comes to swinging, we know that everyone there is there through their own free will. Now I am not going to go militant saying all escorts are trafficked as that would be our conservative led media speaking. However, only someone who is blind or stupid would say it never happens.

I feel like I can speak on behalf of a lot of the Irish swinging community here, when I say that if we went to see an escort, we would be panicking as to whether she is really enjoying what is going on.

When you visit a swingers party, you know that everyone is there because they want to be. You can concentrate on the fun of the swing, and not whether the other person is going home crying at the end of the day.

I will repeat, I know this isn't a regular thing that happens in the escort industry; I am just speaking of our peace of mind.

Feel Free to Join Us

So my friend, that is why we prefer swinging to escorts, even if the success rate isn't 100% every time we go out.

Swinging, to me is more of a lifestyle that visiting escorts. Me and my partner have chose to live our lives a little differently.

Hey, you are more than welcome to join us, as is anyone who visits these pages and hasn't actually been on a swing yet.

What can you say? The more the merrier!