How To Arrange Your First Swinging Experience

Date 15th Jul 2016 | Views  613

Your first time swinging is going to be exciting... but also nerve-racking. You are going to experience a lot of new things, and while it is going to be a lot of fun to make these incredible memories, it is also tough to think of all of the things you will need to do to get it right.

You want your first swinging experience to be perfect, which is why it is a good idea to make a plan. It will help you to make sure everything is ready and in order, while also giving you the chance to focus on having fun, instead of getting things right.

Here on Swingers we take a look at how you can arrange your first swinging experience so that you have the best time possible.

Figure out your limits

Some people enjoy the idea of swinging, while others are more keen on being watched. If you are the latter, that means you are interested in soft swinging. Basically, you will enjoy getting up to hot and kinky things with your partner while others are in the room. They might also be doing hot things, but the sharing of sexual partners, or swapping, doesn't happen.

However, you might instead love the idea of swapping partners or sharing sex with other people. If so, you want to try hard swinging. You want to go all of the way and experience everything that you can.

It is important to remember that some people might sit somewhere it between. They might be find with their partners doing sexual things, but not want to see kissing. They might even agree to everything except for penetrative sex.

Before you jump into swinging, you need to establish your limits. Sit down with your partner and talk about what it is you want from your first swinging experience. You need to know if you are on the same page before you start looking for people to swing with, as this can help you when looking for partners.

Swingers clubs or swinging parties?

Those interested in the world of swinging might have ventured to a few events to do a little exploring. You might have found yourselves invited to a swinging party to see what is going on and join in the fun. You might even have spent a little bit of time in swingers clubs, getting to know others like you and seeing the kind of kinky things others get up to.

However, many people decide that, while these environments are a lot of fun, they are not suitable for their first ever experience in swinging. Yes, it is fun to see so many horny people getting it on and exploring their sexuality, but these events are huge and can, sometimes, be pretty overwhelming... especially if you haven't tried swinging before.

It might still be a good idea to go, simply to get a feel for the environment and the friendly community, but you might decide to simply watch. Watching can tell you a lot. You can see what your partner is interested in, and you can get to know a few of the other couples. This can help you when it comes to your first swinging experience, as you might find the perfect partners for your fun.

Looking for other swingers

Often, parties and clubs are a great way to meet other swingers. You get to know them better, and the relaxed atmosphere is perfect for spending time together. However, you might find that discovering others sharing your views on swinging, whether they are hard, soft, or somewhere in between, is difficult face to face.

That is why many people choose to instead go online to look for partners. You can join forums like ours to talk to people, getting to know them a little better. Many include vital information on their profiles for you to look at, and this can help you a lot when it comes to choosing the perfect swinging partners for you.

It might even be a good idea for you and your partner to look for potential couples separately. It might seem strange, but once you have, you can compare notes. The chances are that you will have found a few couples that you both like, and you can take it from there. If not, have a look to see the similarities between your choices. There will be a few, and this will make an excellent starting point.

How do you express interest?

Once you have found the perfect swinging partners, you should make contact. You might even have been talking to them for a while and find that you have great chemistry together. If so, it is time to express interest... but just how do you do this?

Honesty is by far the best policy when it comes to arranging a meet. Simply tell them that you and your partner would love to meet them sometime and talk to them face to face. This doesn't mean you have to jump in with swinging immediately, as some couples choose to meet up to see if the chemistry online is the same in real life.

Your first meeting will give you the chance to see if you get along. If you do, and you feel that the meeting is going well, let the other couple know. Tell them, either at the end of the meeting or a little while afterwards, that you and your partner are interested in swinging with them. Hopefully they will share these feelings.

Arranging your first swinging experience

So, you've established your limits, you've found the perfect couple, and it is time to arrange the swinging. Choose a location where you will not be disturbed. Unplug phones, switch off mobiles, and make sure there are no outside distractions. Choose a time and date that works for all of you. Don't worry if it is in a few weeks, as this will give you all plenty of time to prepare. Plus, the anticipation is going to be the biggest turn on of all.

Condoms are essential for your fun, so make sure you have plenty. Fresh clean towels are also a good idea, as they might want to shower afterwards. If you have toys that you want to use and have agreed on with the other couple, make sure they are clean and ready to go, with sex toy-safe condoms and appropriate cleaning products to hand.

Still unsure? Tell the other couple it is your first swinging experience. The swinging community is a fantastic place to be, as you'll find plenty of friendly people. They won't judge you. In fact, they will want to help make sure your first experience goes as smoothly as possible. Once the fun starts, they might take the lead to help initiate you into it.

Do you have some advice to share about your first swinging experience? Use the comment box below to share your top tips.